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             Trending Closet

"Fashion is what you are offered four times a year--style is what you pick out of that fashion"

Here you will find the latest trends for every season
  Add a pop of color to your closet for:
      Winter    Spring     Summer     Fall

Spring 2014

Trends: Pretty Pastels, Wide Leg Trousers, Cropped Jackets (those I will be posting later..but for now check this out!)

Make a bold statement (pop of color)
I LOVE neutrals even in the spring...with that pop of color to make it the perfect outfit for any occasion. So the pictures below will be mostly neutrals. I will be adding pops of color through accessories!

This is a new peplum top with skinny ankle jeans (with a zipper--fantastic). What a fun outfit for day or night..paired here with a crossbody bag and either flats or heels!

This casual outfit on the right is a fun knit long sleeve with lace trim paired with skinny jeans and TOMS. Great for a casual lunch with friends or running errands. One of my favorite spring essentials are TOMS....they are extremely comfortable and very versatile. If you buy a pair of TOMs they will send a child in need a pair as it forward :)

Jumpsuits--I'm in heaven!

Another Spring Trend...the Jumpsuit!! I am LOVING this right now..and so is my dog Riley (I had to show this picture as it was ADORABLE!)
What a classic simple look..a black jumpsuit with jack rogers. Also wear with wedges! 
The one on the left is short sleeves (Found at second favorite store of all time!)
The one on the right (also pictured with my dog) is tube-top from LOFT. Pair this with a jean jacket and the outfit is complete. 
Remember do not have to be six feet tall and skinny like a model to wear a jumpsuit--you just have to find the one that works best for you :)


Here are two other classic looks for Spring: 
Left: a lace white tank with cardigan, jeans and, TOMS
Right: a basic tee, black blazer, jeans and Jack Rogers

 Another Spring must have--dresses!!

This one is a favorite of mine for spring--tribal! This dress is great for day or night and can match any style you have! 

Spring 2014 --you will definitely see MAXI dresses and skirts. Here are pictures of two maxi dresses (Skirts I will post later)
Pair with the jean jacket or chambray trend! Dress it up with accessories--hats, scarves, necklaces, belts, bags or shoes!

 Check back for more must have trends for spring! 

Don't forget about working out--in style.
here is an ink lululemon top with black striped headband. Perfect for running, jogging, zumba, yoga, pilates, or barre. 

Summer 2013
Mixing pieces together to create the essential summer outfit! I put these outfits together and do not represent one brand or store-- just my style :)

1. Ankle Pants-- Don’t be afraid to wear an ankle pant instead of a crop pant. These are not "flood pants" that look like they don't fit you. An ankle pant for summer is fun and fashionable. The leg goes right above your ankle and fits perfectly for a slimming look. The style looks great with a flat, wedge, heel and even a summer sandal! You can wear it to work or out at night with a group of friends. Find a colored ankle jean or pant that fits you perfectly and you will never want to take them off! 

Excuse the wrinkles :/ above is a tan ankle pant, white linen t-shit and a red crossbody bag. This could be a great outfit for the fourth of July! Very simple and easy to wear.
 Here you will see the same ankle pant in a cobalt blue color for a dressy outfit for work or going out and then a more casual outfit for the day/ running errands. The left picture is paired with a blank tank top, beaded necklace and wedge heels. The right picture is paired with a black sunwashed tee, jean jacket and summer sandals.

2. Maxi Dresses-- these are a must have for summer! They are flirty and fun and can look great on anyone! Who doesn't love a dress for those hot summer days? You just have to find the right style and fit for your body type. 

 Here are THREE different ways to wear a maxi dress :) Don't you just LOVE them!? The left picture is a fun maxi with slanted stripes of navy and light blue! The middle picture is a simple black maxi ( a MUST HAVE-- like the "little black dress") paired with a coral belt and white bubble necklace! The right picture is a black and white striped maxi with a jean jacket and a chartreuse infinity scarf!

3. Layering Piece-- this may be a cardigan or a jean jacket, but it is another trend for summer! A sheer or light cardigan and a jean jacket can pair with almost any outfit. Wear it as a layering piece or at night when the weather is cool. Either way, you will find yourself loving it! Pick a cardigan that is neutral to go with every outfit (black, white, nude or gray) or go bold with a pattern or bright color to spice up a more neutral outfit! 
Above is a black cardigan as a layering piece for work or for running errands! Paired with a striped shell and coral ankle pant. You can wear a bright cardigan too! Don't forget a simple jean jacket as well for a more casual look :)

4. Colorful Accessories
A MUST HAVE for summer. With any outfit- casual or dressy, a vibrant necklace, a pair of sunglasses, layering bracelets, fun scarf, colored belt, shoes or handbag will add the extra touch to your outfit that you have been missing this summer!
 An amazing color block dress with a mint green clutch and necklace to match. See what simple accessories can do to WOW an outfit!

5. Romper/ jumpsuit-- a one piece outfit is a fun summer alternative to shorts or pants!  You can dress them up or down :)
two simple rompers for summer. pair with wedges, sandals or flats for a classic look.

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. Make sure you wear what makes YOU feel great and confident!
be bold, be italic, never regular! 

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