Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ten Pin Linky- Reading Ideas AND Win, Loss, Cost New Linky, Bloglovin

Today I am linking up with Ashley from Just Reed to talk about my favorite thing..Reading!!Also these ideas have come from PINTEREST--which we all know I'm obsessed with!

It is going to be hard to get down to 10 favorite reading pins when my Classroom Ideas board has over 600 pins! Now that I have a blog and have more ideas to share--I may start splitting up my boards into better categories (maybe a new project on the to-do list!)

My absolute favorite Reading Organizational program is The Daily 5, which if you don't know anything about it--you should really get on it. It is AMAZING. It's not a new program to teach reading, it is a structure to organize what you are already doing in your classroom. It builds up your student's stamina for reading so that you can conference and teach small group skills/strategy work (guided reading as well).

To go along with what I said before about building Stamina...this anchor chart is perfect!

The other part to The Daily 5 is CAFE...this is a wonderful resource for teaching strategies in reading. CAFE- Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary

There are so many different strategies it becomes like a CAFE menu :) LOVE IT
But ontop of that is teaching SCHEMA--- all the information we know in our brains :)

The next pinspiration is "Look what we're reading!" I LOVE displaying the books that my students are reading in the classroom. Here is one way to do it-- when I taught 4th grade part-time I had one of those tri-fold presentation boards with the same look as below. My students wrote on an index card, the name of the book, the author, fiction/nonfiction, a summary of the book, and what they rated the book! They loved it! It was also great for students to look at each others cards to see what books everyone is reading and to give them ideas for a new book!

In my classroom library, I have a whole section of "Character Education" books. I believe very strongly in using books to talk about many different topics that come up in students lives. Topics related to anger management, empathy and problem solving are all incorporated into my classroom library: here is a picture of 75 books that build character.

One of my FAVORITE pics that I somehow always go back to look at is this:
I LOVE LOVE the little classroom library nook. This summer I AM making those crate seats. I bought all the material last summer--but never got to it! I will do it this summer. I love how the books are organized and the cover is faced out so the students can easily see them.

Another must have for Daily 5/ CAFE are BOOK BOXES. Sooo many fun and creative ways to design these for your classroom. Here are some pins that are my favorite

I can't talk about reading without talking about the Common Core Standards. This year I Can Statements will be a huge part of my classroom up on the front board. These are the statements that aligned to the standards for each subject.

How cute is this!!!
What a great idea to display New Books or Books about the topic you are currently learning!!

Last but certainly not least-- I can't talk about reading without talking about technology whether its the computer or an Ipad....Scootpad is a great ELA/Math App aligned with the common core. You can set up your whole classroom and group them by level. Students will take practice quizzes and tests based on their level. The next picture is a fluency app to score WPM. The last picture is the Confer App--wonderful for teachers to use when conferring with students individually or in small groups! Check them out! 

Okay so now I am going to link up again! There are just sooo many fun things to do today :)

Win, Loss, Cost-- What a fun idea! This is a new linky party and I am linking up with Digital: Divide and Conquer and Third Grade Galore to share with you one win, one loss and one cost this week!

Win: My friend won tickets to Jammin in the Valley in Buffalo on Friday (she wins almost everything on the radio to every concert possible haha) So because I get to go I am calling it a WIN we will be seeing Dierks Bentley with Scotty McCreery and Chris Cagle in concert! Woo again my obsession with country music and summer concerts!

Loss: Hmm well it is not necessarily a loss--but I NEED to start on my TpT store. Right now (and yes I did just start this process) I have NOTHING in it :( --I really want to get started on this especially over the summer. But most importantly I want to share all my ideas with you! I don't know if I am nervous about it--but I am not sure exactly how to get started. So if any of you TpT fanatics out there want to help me out--I would truly appreciate it :) Any tips on how to get started, how to create those fantastic, cutesy designs etc. Thank you!

Cost:  Well I am super excited about has 60% off SALE ITEMS...that is better than the employee discount :) you should really check it out! Also--this week I started getting new things for my classroom (target dollar bins, michaels dollar bins, dollar tree)---see a pattern?! LOVE supplies for 1.00.  I bought some new super cute buckets--that I use for Marble Bucket (behavior program), supplies, and all other daily 5 activities I can think of! I use the accordian pocket folders for student study cards and organizational tools for small activities. The chalkboard clips are new! I found these at Michael's and absolutely love them (for school AND home) I can label anything and keep organized!

Okay -- I do have to ask to PLEASE follow me on Bloglovin (I have an icon at the top of my page near facebook, twitter, tpt, instagram etc. ) I am new to the blogging world and trying to get as many followers as possible! Thanks for the support :) Click HERE for an easy Link! I would have a giveaway-- but like I said before I haven't set up my TpT yet :(


  1. Emily,
    Thanks so much for linking up with us today!
    What a much.
    I think that READBox is just awesome. I've seen that floating around Pinterest and just love the concept. Now I'm seeing that there are actually book vending machines in real life. Pretty cool.

    I'm going to pass along to my wife. She always on the lookout for deals.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  2. I'd like to check out Scootpad. New apps are always something I'm looking to add on my iPad. The I Can board is so cute. I need to do something like that next year. Thanks for linking up and Happy 4th.

    Third Grade Galore

  3. I love the anchor charts you posted. Stamina is so important yet we spend so little time focusing on developing with reading and writing. That's a big goal for me this year.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. I love the I Can board...such a great idea. I may need to create something like that this summer.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. I love the book boxes with the kiddos' pictures!