Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It- Behavior Chart, Candy Jar and STUTELAGE INNOVATIONS (Hobby Horses)

 I am SO excited for this Monday Made It. I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics today
My first MMI is my behavior chart for next year. I decided I needed to change up my program in my room and I came across this from PINTEREST (of course!!) Here is the behavior chart. I LOVE the idea that all the students start at Ready To Learn and they can move up and down depending on their behavior. The first picture shows ribbon I used to connect them all. The middle picture is the final product :) absolutely LOVE. I don't know if I am going to use names or numbers yet for their clothespins to move up and down. The far right picture is the individual bookmarks for each student to take home (parent communication!!) as well as to keep at their desks for personal reference. The Hall of Fame is for the end of each week if a student was in "good choice" "great job" or "super student" for all 5 days will be placed in the Hall of Fame :)

I did laminate each indiviudal page so that it would last all year long!

My SECOND MMI is my desk candy jar. I found this year that I had a candy jar on my desk (not for students) but for teachers! The only problem I had with it was a SNOWMAN (and I kept it up probably until March)--yikes! I wish I had a picture of it to show you! It's super cute...but we already get enough snow I didn't want to have a snowman in my room too! But I didn't find another jar that I loved..I looked everywhere!

I was at Michael's the other day to get those little chalky clips which you can find HERE and I found the jar that I wanted--It was on SALE. All I had to do was add the pop of color that I wanted and Presto a 4 season candy jar!

 My THIRD MMI I am SO excited about! On Friday I went to help my friend who started her own business called Stutelage Innovations (check it out its amazing!) If you live in Buffalo, NY or surrounding areas you should REALLY look into this. Stutelage is a center that provides tutoring, community programming, party planning, summer camps and MORE! I helped out with a summer camp called "A Horse is a Horse of course"  You can find all the other community programs HERE for the rest of the summer. Not just for children, there are programs for young adults and adults too (especially teachers!! Since my friend is a teacher too---her philosophy is that you learn something new from everything they offer!)

SOOO..A Horse is a Horse of course Stutelage description said-- "Come learn everything there is to know about horses in this week long camp.  We will read stories about horses both wild and tame.  We will learn what is needed to take care of a horse and the many different jobs that a horse can have.  We will even learn important information about owning, riding, and caring for a horse." How exciting right?! A whole week to learn about

Friday was the last day for the camp and I was soooo glad it was the day I went. For the end of camp craft they were making Hobby Horses. HOW CUTE RIGHT! I thought this would be a perfect Monday Made It for all sorts of different reasons ( to use at school, at home or just fun for your own kids!).  Now you are probably are they going to make Hobby Horses without it costing a fortune! Welll....Think. Pool Noodles, Felt, Twine, Sharpie Marker and DONE.

Pool Noodles-- $1.00 at Five Below
Felt- $0.29 at A.C. Moore
Twine- $2.99 at A.C. Moore
(then use your teacher discount!!)

Here are the materials that you need!!  Make sure you draw on the felt the mane and the ears for the horse!!

Fold the noodle at the top to make the head for the horse.           Cut out the felt for the mane and ears!

 Have an adult help tie the twine around the noodle. This helps to keep the folded part down as well as makes the reins for riding!In the picture below you can see the reins hanging!!

After that you will want to hot glue gun the ears and mane to the noodle. Put the ears on first like above!
 Now it's time to add the mane to the back of the noodle! Hot glue gun it down . Look at all the pictures :) How cute!!!

 Now...your horse cannot be a horse without some eyes. Use a sharpie marker or googly eyes to make your horse stand out!!

Aren't these Hobby Horses adorable!?! It is a quick and easy craft project that you can make at home or at school! Here are the 5 Final products

Bright SUMMER COLORS and a FUN Summer Activity! Now after you make the Hobby Horses--the best thing to do is have a horse race right?!?!

On Your Mark Get Set....GO!!! The campers had such a great time the whole week learning about horses and then being able to ride a "horse" on the last day!!

Don't forget to Check out Stutelage Innovations for more fun this summer and into the school year!

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  1. I love your behaviour chart - it looks so bright and clean. Those noodle horses are awesome! I am trying to think of a reason to make them :)

    1. Thank you! I am excited to try it this year! I know--aren't they the cutest, I wish I could come up with a reason to use them myself too!


  2. That snowman candy jar is totally good from November until at least March!! lol! I love your new jar and think I might just sneak in and steal some pieces every now and then:)
    Those hobby horses are ADORABLE!! So cheap too! It looks like those girls had a blast (and you too!).
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. haha very true from Nov-March! you will definitely have to stop down to steal some pieces :) Always available and not for students! haha
      I loved the hobby horses--it was such a cute idea for that camp! I wish you lived alittle closer to that camp your kids would LOVE it!

  3. I loved all of your Monday Made It's! I especially love your candy jar =D I also have a candy jar that's just for teachers. Every teacher in the school knows to come to Miss. Banks' room when they need a sweet treat. The kids get so jealous; they act like I don't give them treats all the time too. Thanks for following my blog! I'm your newest follower. I really love all of your post and I can't wait to read more about you.


  4. Shanon, Thanks so much!! Haha I know I was starting to be like that too with the candy :)
    Thanks again for following!