Wednesday, May 7, 2014

fun happenings-SLANTbox, StitchFix, Teacher Appreciation!

There are a lot of fun things that have happened so far this week! 

First I am participating in SLANTbox with Jameson from Lessons with Coffee for the first time!! I am paired up with two amazing teachers Erin over at A Piece of the Apple and Mandee over at Mrs. Ashline's 4th Grade 

SLANT means Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers. I LOVE this idea and the fact that I am obsessed with all these boxes lately :) Here are the rules from Jameson's Blog: 
Definitely join in the fun for JUNE!

Speaking of boxes...guess what showed up on my doorstep on Tuesday?!?!

STITCH FIX....the best mail in the world. It was waiting at my front door when I got home from chaperoning JV softball.  What a pretty package! 

check out Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service

In case you didn't read my first review found here


 Your stylist will send you a little note to tell you why they chose the pieces they did for your fix.

Your stylist will send you these style cards that match with the pieces sent. A great idea for those that struggle with matching signature pieces and mixing up textures and colors. 

 Here were all of my pieces :) Love the colors...was not a fan of most in my fix...hopefully my stylist and I will get on the same page soon! I am keeping a positive mind since it was only my second fix. 

 First I tried on the necklace. Love the idea of the statement necklace,,,but I usually like gold toned back it went. 

Check out what you can get in your fix here!

 This piece was very form fitting and I do not like that as much as a loose tunic or blouse. It was also a little pricy for what you got. So I didn't keep this either.

I also tried on a peplum tank top..I don't even have a picture because it was not good! It was a crop top peplum...hmm. Interesting and was definitely not flattering like I thought it would be! I was excited when I saw I was getting a peplum top..but disappointed once I saw it out of the box. 

I kept asking for dresses in my fix so I was glad when I saw that I had two! I LOVED One and HATED the other...can you guess which one I LOVED?!

If you guess the one in the RIGHT you are correct. The MAXI was really flattering on and even though it is low cut..I can wear a tank top under it for school. 

The one on the left...was a bright blue color (better picture if you scroll back up) this is an eyelet dress. I was not a fan..the eyelet hanging over the edge of the dress made is seem unfinished and I just did not like the plastic looking belt that went a long with it. 

I did write really specific feedback this time in all the note sections at checkout. I am hoping with my feedback and my more detailed style profile my next fix will be spot on! For those of you trying out stitch fix..make sure you are as specific as you can be about what you like and don't like!!
So you win some and you lose some...I only kept the black and white striped maxi dress...I know what you are all thinking...but a girl can never have too many maxis! Especially heading into spring and summer!! Even though I kept only one piece...I still think Stitch Fix is fun and exciting. Everyone should check it out at least once! Click here to find out more about stitch fix!

I scheduled to receive my fixes every 2-3 my next delivery is May 27th!! I can't wait because this is right after my sister's wedding!! Perfect just in time for JUNE. you all know it is Teacher Appreciation week. I just have to give a shout out to our Elementary PTC and to our principal who is definitely making this week special!

We had icecream sundaes today with our lunch and Friday we will have a special luncheon. Thank you for all the love this week :)

I hope you can all appreciate my new TPT store. I would love the support as I continue to grow and make new items to share with all of you!! I promise to follow you all in return too!

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  1. Hi Emily! Looking forward to sending you some SLANT box love! Did you get my email?