Sunday, April 20, 2014

HOPPY Easter- A Sneak Peek at my week!

First of all Hoppy Easter Everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and loved ones :)
Beautiful spring flowers and colored Easter Eggs that were in my Grandma's Apartment. 

I celebrated Easter yesterday instead of today. I am the only one home at my parents... (with my puppies). My parents get home from Florida today and my brother and sister don't live in town. 

So Yesterday, I went over to my Grandma's and colored Easter exciting as it can be!

Then my cousin and I went with her to play Bingo haha. Bingo was quite an experience. There were probably 20 or so older ladies and gentlemen with their nickels all ready win! So for each round, you had to put in a nickel and the last round is worth a dime! Haha it's amazing.

So everyone gets a board to play about 24 different Bingo rounds! It is regular bingo, but you can also win on 4 corners! Each seat even had a little Easter candy to celebrate the holiday :) When someone calls Bingo..the whole rest of the room gets upset. It's funny because the other people at my table would whisper under their breaths. Each one of them had a ritual for playing, whether it was a specific seat, a specific bingo board with a number on it or how they passed in their nickel. I loved watching it!

My Grandma and cousin both won...and I didn't think I was going to until probably half way through! For all the other rounds there was only one winner...except when I won. Of course there were three! THREE--which means we had to split the winnings....remember the winnings are nickels. So I won 40 cents!! wooo

My winning board...

Then I spent the day at work (LOFT from 12-7) It was busy! Then I went back over to my grandma's and my aunt had made an Easter meal (ham, corn, scalloped potatoes etc)...and so I had leftovers! Yes..I like ketchup with every meat! My family always makes fun of me...but it just tastes better with ketchup! lol
Then more family came over (my other aunt, uncle and cousin and his wife!) and we spent the evening laughing and reminiscing! It was a wonderful evening.

Okay so the second part of my post is that I am linking up with Mrs.Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at my Week!
 Check out her blog and link up with a peek at my week!

Yes it is Sunday...but my district as off tomorrow!!  It is an extended vacation :) 
Monday when I get home to my STITCH FIX will be waiting!! Ahh I cannot wait..I will be blogging about that this week!

So on I go back to school on Tuesday....that will be rough! 
In my ELA classes we are starting new units.
5th grade we are going to read: Number the Stars
6th grade we are going to read: Hannah's Suitcase
I think the kids are going to really enjoy both of these picks! My co-teachers are amazing and have these units planned already from previous years!

We also will be getting ready for the Math state test...yuck! ELA is over...but Math is at the end of the a lot of preparation for that (and I don't even teach math this year!) Yikes! 

I am "borrowing" this picture from my blogging buddy over at Tales and Teacherisms 
When I read her post today she also mentioned the state I thought it was fitting for my post as well! Everyone should check out her is amazing and I have known her for years so it's wonderful to have another blogging buddy from WNY!!!

Wednesday I will be out of the building for ELA Scoring-- I will be scoring the 6th grade state tests through BOCES. We do not grade in house and we go with a bunch of other districts to score. I only enjoy scoring because I get to see what students write from other districts as well and really look at what the state sees as acceptable..since we can't even see or keep the tests, it is the only opportunity to look at the questions!

Friday-- Luke Bryan tickets go on sale!!! My friends and I have split this year who buys the tickets for each concert for when they go on sale. We are going to 6 or so concerts this summer! I am responsible for Luke Bryan so I will keep an eye out for pre-sale codes and hopefully seats! Fingers crossed!! He is coming to Darien Lake in upstate NY this summer and I cannot wait! 

(Maybe the week will fly by!?!?!)

Saturday-- I will be celebrating one of my best friend's birthday in Buffalo! woo I cannot has been too long since I have seen everyone!

Now a little shout out to the birthday girl, Colleen McNamara, a wonderful best friend and her AMAZING business!
It is the ONE YEAR Anniversary of her business (this upcoming weekend)! YAYAY! 
Now all you teacher blogger friends out there will absolutely LOVE this. If you live anywhere in WNY (Buffalo) you need to check it out (Even if you don't...check it out and maybe you know someone who does!!)..whether you are a teacher or not, whether you have children or not, this is a must see for anyone and anything you are looking for!
 Her business is called Stutelage Innovations.  

Stutelage provides tutoring services as well as educational programs (think summer camps!) There are so many varieties for different interests and ages!! From summer camps such as Frozen (based off the movie) and Magic School (learn magic with a real magician!) Zumba! and Ladies Wine Night.....there are so many opportunities to learn for all ages! Stutelage also offers birthday parties and other events too! What could be better than that?!? Please go on over and check them out and Like them on Facebook 
You will find the latest programs and summer camps there as well...just in time for summer and hurry the programs are filling up fastl!!!

Okay that is all for this Easter Sunday...
I will post more throughout the week..hopefully I will be able to keep up with blogging now that I will be back at school! Positive Thinking :)

Enjoy the beautiful weather today and if you are going back to school tomorrow!! We can get through it :)


  1. I saw that you blogged about stitchfix on Friday, so I went online today to check it out. I scheduled a stitchfix because I tend to be a tad bit bland with my outfit selections. It's not coming until May 27!!! So, I'm very excited for you to get one so I can live vicariously through your stitchfix!

  2. I cannot wait to see what you got in your first fix! I host a monthly link up for bloggers to share their fixes and I would love for you to come link up when you post about it!