Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tried it Tuesday- nails for days

I am lovinggg the fact that this is post number 3 since I started back in the blogging community! It's the little things in life....

Okay so today...I am obviously linking up  with my blogging buddy Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried It Tuesday!! Thankfully Holly left this open for two weeks! Thank you thank you! This is going to be an easy post....and it is more for the Style Closet portion of my blog....But I LOVE that I tried this many months ago...


Do you hate to wait for your nails to dry...or as soon as you think they are dry and you go to do something, they smudge. How about gelish...Yes it is fast...but the UV rays and afterwards it can ruin your nails?! Okay I have the solution...Jamberry?!?! Has anyone every heard of it?!?! It is absolutely amazing. I have to admit..I was hesitant to try it..and I was like why would I spend money on stickers for my nails...that doesn't make sense! Except for the fact that it makes total sense...it is easy...doesn't ruin my nails....the designs are fabulous...the price is right ($15 for a pack that you can at least get 2 sets of manicure/pedicure out of) and it lasts for TWO WEEKS...just like the gelish (but better). You can do it right in the comfort of your own home with a hairdryer to heat up the sticky part. They also can be applied over nailpolish, acrylic or gelish nails. There are sooo many different designs and colors to choose from. I first heard about it at one of the consultant parties like (marykay, lia sophia, pampered chef, thirtyone etc) 
Well now I have added Jamberry to my list of must haves and you should too!! I ordered it through the consultant that was at the party...but I think you can just order it without being in a party.

This was my second order of Jamberry...spring colors. Clearly had to get the purple/orchid (far left) since it is the color of the season. Shamrocks for St. Patricks Day. The Blue Robbins egg color for Easter (I will post that later) and chevron chevron chevron!! Fantastic 

This was my first set....snowmen HOW CUTE are those?! My students LOVED them and thought I actually designed it myself. Ha! Perfect for the winter holiday.

Then my friend/teaching buddy Morgan...who introduced me to these wonderful nail designs....had these sent to her for hosting a party. I was SOO obsessed with them (seriously who wouldn't be)...she let me take some of hers! Obviously she was able to get a full set out of them too. :) How perfectly well they matched my snowflake pajamas for pajama day at school AND Christmas morning! Thanks Morgan..you are the best!!

I also had a wonderful black and silver set for New Years Eve...no picture though :(
Next holiday of course...Valentines Day....LOVE these little hearts!
The other thing I REALLY LOVE about Jamberry....you can mix and match the designs. I chose a matte grey with mint green chevron. So chic. Ignore the awful cuticles...I didn't say Jamberry gave you a manicure haha. 

 Clearly you have to try these and I promise you will love them as much as I do! Did I mention they also have Jamberry for kids!?! Also--the ultimate gift of all...it is always buy 3 get 1 free!!! Gotta love a deal.

As I was typing all about Jamberry... I realized my other Tried It Tuesday that I can mention..is the Post Settings on the blog where I can write posts ahead of time and schedule them to post on certain days/times. This is so helpful for when I am busy...now there are no excuses for not posting!! Love to learn something new everyday :)

Also--does anyone know how to fix under layout...my "add gadget" is not working and there are more I want to add! HELP! Thanks :) 

I am also looking into creating my own linky party...who wants to help me create a button!? THANKS!

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See you all tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE your Jamberry nails! I've heard it takes practice to get them just right. How much time does it take you now that you know what you're doing? I love that as I read your post, I know who Morgan is! Haha!!

    I have no idea about your "add a gadget" button. I just checked mine to see if it was an issue with Blogger and mine is working. With the scheduling of a post, don't forget to hit publish even if you go back in to make an edit. I've made that mistake before and then it doesn't publish when scheduled. Thanks for linking up, friend!! xxoo
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Thanks! I can do both my hands in maybe 15 mins? It's not too bad haha. Also.. after I asked I actually logged out and back in and it was working again..not sure what it was! Technology.. haha Thanks about the scheduling a post tip! I am still trying to figure it all out :)
      I am even being adventurous and want to start my own linky party..I just need help designing a button! Any suggestions?!