Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Funday--I am back!

Sunday Funday! I am back in the blogging world :) Beautiful weather and spring is finally here (I hope)! What better way to start back blogging about my classroom and my closet?!?
For my first time back in many many months(Since July! Yikes!)...there are NO Excuses but a special thanks to my blogging buddy Fourth Grade Flipper...I knew this Spring Break...since I didn't have a trip planned to go anywhere...that it would be the perfect time to start blogging again. Bear with me as I forgot how to do most of this..but I will be blogging more consistently now!

Okay I am linking up with A Burst of First and Lucky to Be in First for their Sunday Funday Linky! Let's just say it has been a hectic year! I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that..but yikes! I have had no time!

Today in Rochester, NY it is 77 degrees! It is definitely a Sunday Funday! To make it even better...I have ALL WEEK off!! Yayy to all those who are off this week as well :)
I am working at LOFT while I am I will be adding to Trending Closet for Spring Fashion Must Haves!

Friday after school I drove 2 hours home to my parents. I am "Dog-sitting" my two dogs while my parents are in Florida...lucky ducks!

On the left is Charley and on the right is Riley. Aren't they the cutest!??! This is the reason I came home this week :) I took them for a walk on this gorgeous day! When they got back they were so hot and they are napping. 

I am glad to be back blogging...look tomorrow and the rest of this week for more posts! Yay!

What have you all been up to on this Sunday Funday?!


  1. Thanks so much!!! So glad to be back :) Can't wait for Tried it Tuesday!